Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'll be doing this tommorow! www.shimelle.com
I will blog about my excellent birthday weekend!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The other side

So far...30 feels just like 29

but i did put on extra moisturizer this morning :)

thank you blogland for all the well wishes...they made me smiley.
thank you IRL friends for phone calls, texts, and meals...love you all!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

And so it begins...

Saturday was my first 30th birthday party! (because i believe in celebrating my birthday as many times as possible) I showed up for scrapping and got a little birthday party too...complete with tiara :)

They planned all my favorite foods so we basically ate ALL DAY! Should i list them all? yeah...

Homemade banana bread...still warm (the way i like it) slathered with butter
sausage gravy and cornbread (better than biscuits, trust me)
grilled hamburgers ( i am never eating hamburger anywhere else...GOOD beef)
twice baked potatoes
asparagus (omg...it was perfect)
homemade salsa
ranch dip and veggies
deviled eggs
little smokies wrapped in bacon (haahaahaa...yeah...ALL pork ALL the time)
macaroni salad
swedish EFFIN fish
red licorice
AND birthday cake OF COURSE...lol Amy made this scrumptious banana cake with cream cheese frosting...i ate it ALL day...seriously...it was so funny...you know how you take a little sliver...and then KEEP taking little slivers...over and over and over...haahaaa. seriously one of my new favorite cakes!

omg...im so full just looking at all of that but it was a GREAT party...thank you BFF's
oh...and the scrapping? SOME of us got like 12 pages done...but NO that was NOT me...haahaa

i miss my hermiston girls...if i could be two places at once that would DEFINITELY be the second!