Monday, November 02, 2009

Catching up...

I spent some time with my best friend today...keeping her company while she babysits. During the course of our conversation I said "Oh I didnt tell you..." at least a dozen times.

There is something wrong with that picture!! I dont even have that much going on in my life and I have neglected to share it with her...the one i share everything with! It was an ahha moment for sure!

All that brings me around to here...another "friend" i've neglected! So...heres to best friends and catching up :)
  • Still jobless but waiting to hear from a great opportunity.
  • Still in love with my niece who gets smarter and funnier EVERY DAY.
  • Still addicted to Zuma (its a computer game...not ZIMA the drink) and Facebook.
  • Still scrapping...made a bunch recently that I really love! If youre nice I will show them to you...soon!
  • Recently had an ahha moment about my church and how much i love it! Seriously, they have been my "family" for 15 years now...and thats something i need to stop taking for granted.  Plus harvest dinner is in the 3 weeks and that starts the eating season :)
  • Still surrounded by lots of babies that i love!  really i love them MORE than if they were mine!!  its so freakin cool to watch them grow up...BP is pulling herself up on stuff and starting to figure out how to get around using furniture.  It is the coolest funniest thing to watch her mind work!
  • Still in debt but its UNDER 5 figures now so that is super cool...esp. with 5 months of no job.  Getting ready to buckle down again and live like no one else...after christmas....heeheehee
So I think youre mostly caught up on the important (and unimportant) ask me questions if you want more info!!

oh...and thanks for reading :)