Thursday, September 29, 2005


So is it a bad sign that I am noticing MEN everywhere....and WANTING them to be mine. Or at least wanting them to be a little flirty! At the grocery store for petes sake....sheesh


Maybe blogging is not so good for me. It gives me a place to get all of the random chatter out of my head and put it in print. I apologize in advance....most of this should never see the light of day...but haha...Im going to do it anyways!

So Im on my lunch break and I go to the grocery store....what do I buy WENDY (she knows...) I buy OREO cookies and Milk and MORE halloween candy! Something you should know about me is that I am overweight...not in like a need to lose 10 pounds way but in a seriously overweight not healthy for me way. So I have alot of body concious issues like I always feel like people are watching me (which is weird cause for the most part normal people dont notice fat people). So today Im walking through Winco in my flipflops tshirt and jeans (very relaxed dress code) carrying my snickers and milky ways and mint oreos and milk, it just struck me how very welfare trailer trash unemployed fat woman stereotypical I would appear to others. Kind of made me want to go hide and never go in public again. Sometimes I disgust myself....but dont you know I opened the candy bars before I got out of the parking lot. And they were frickin good...for real!

Pregnant girls...

...are crazy! They are also sick all the time...sheesh! My boss is one of them and shes so sick everyday that she doesnt even get out of bed till like 2 pm. So on the one hand its pretty darn cool that I can sit at work and surf the web and do fun stuff all day but its also annoying to have a boss thats a control freak so you cant do much without her and then she DOESNT SHOW UP EVER! Im trying to be sympathetic but its annoying!

I was scrappy chick last night...for real! I completed THREE layouts! I know some of you are laughing but any of you that have scrapped with me KNOW how big that is for me. Im one of those push the paper and picture around forever people. I am liking how my style is all over the place lately. Its getting cleaner but sometimes I just see something in one of my zillions of idea books (bought another one yesterday) and I just HAVE to try it. Copied an Ali Edwards yesterday...turned out looking TOTALLY different but I really like that. I did a cute baby boy LO for Amy with her ultrasound pictures I was so happy with how it turned out! Than I did a LO for BOM inspired by a scrapgal....seriously took me like 45 minutes and that was only cause I was anal about the cutting. Than I did a friend LO for Amys dare that I struggled with forever but I like how it turned out. I will post them soon I promise!

Ive shared with y'all about my money woes....remember, no groceries! So I was talking to a financial planner the other night and he is helping me brainstorm ideas about HOW to get extra money...the obvious being to get another job! But anyone who pays attention knows that I dont LIKE to work....I like to do things that make me happy (see previous paragraphs!) So he hit upon the idea of making custom scrapbooks for people! Cool beans...I would LOVE to do that. Now I just need to figure out the marketing part of that....Any Ideas? Plan B is to work the holidays at Michaels....

Monday, September 26, 2005

I seem to use this blog for surface stuff. Why? Cause I dont want to breach the dam that is holding back all the deep important stuff! Lea has challenged us to write about deep important stuff and darn her shes coming up with great topics....but I just cant. Hello, my childhood...well thats not a can of worms or anything and rejection....lord I could talk about that FOREVER! So for now im going to stay at the surface and be silly and witty and envious of heather and wendy who tackle the hard stuff.

Ive been tagged by like 2 people now but I will have to put some thought into those answers so be patient.

Todays tidbits:
  • There are no less than NINE pregnant women currently in my life! Sheesh...good thing I like babies (sort of...the ones that arent mine)
  • Budgets suck and so do men (right now anyways)
  • My best friend is having a BOY....and Im totally thrilled to do boy pages!
  • I miss my mom.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


It made me buy at jumped into my hand! Oh but it was yummy...Twix bars....creamy chocolate, gooey caramel, and crunchy cookie. Dreamy...nothing like the fresh stuff!


Ever have those days where you get so much done that you just dont want to go back to work? LOL...I got alot of stuff done yesterday and it felt nice to have my head in a good space. Not feeling so overwhelmed! Got all of my bills figured out...good news, I can pay them and even buy gas every week...LOL Bad news, ummm...thats ALL I can do! So, October is NO BUY month again...this time I'm not even buying groceries (friends who are close better invite me to dinner so I don't starve!) Worked on putting more crap away at the apt. You can sorta walk around now. Hung out with my brother, always a good time, and I got to take a NAP (my favorite).

Todays Tidbits:
  • Organizing your stickers and rub ons is NOT making your apartment cleaner.
  • Allstate sucks!
  • An hour with a friend and a cup of tea can improve your whole week.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Football rocks...

So I totally swore I would not be one of those people that NEVER updates their blog...hiding my head in shame. Sorry!

Anyways, I have had a roller coaster of a month so far! I'll try to recap. Got a DT position at my LSS, got a budget (Im totally poor...for real), been winning my fantasy football league, my best guy friend got a girlfriend, work is still sometimes fun sometimes hell, been alot flirty lately, STILL have not unpacked, reconnected with my brother that I have never been close with, scrapped alot of pages, had down days and up days. Thats my life in one big run on sentance...Ive always been a fan of those ;)

I'll leave you with a tidbit or two:
  • Dont ever ask the bounty hunters at work to TAZE you. It DOES hurt and WILL leave a mark!
  • Dallas Cowboys are NOT Americas team anymore. Whoohoo!
  • Its hard to make new friends but if youre not open to it you'll stay the same forever! y'all!