Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I have a new obsession...


the expensive yummy color drenched cuddly kind

Dont worry...i make stuff with it too :)

Im a knitter!! **blush**

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New art...

In case you were wondering...yes i still scrap! These are for a challenge at studio calico to use some of the absolutely awesome exclusive stamps...and since paint has decided to disappear off my computer i cant resize to post in the here they are :) lucky you...getting to see them too ...haahaa

Thursday, August 28, 2008

anybody there?

just checking...i know i dont post regularly enough to be interesting so its ok...i understand!

im thinking about making this a book blog?

maybe if i win this...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another super cute outfit!

Nantucket Weekend GIVEAWAY!!!!

Dont going to post these ALL the time! If you want to see how cute it is really should click through :)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

cardstock makes me happy...

well pretty much any

Cool lady Lisa D is giving away Im recommending you go read her blog! Shes funny and cool and makes great pages too!!

Plus she used to have blue


Finished last night...2AM...its freakin 740 pages!!

now i get to go read all the stuff people are saying about it...apparently its controversial..haahaa Seriously, its her book, shes the author, she gets to write HER VISION.

Oh and I want to win this...cause really, its the cutest thing EVER

PaperDoll Frock

Friday, August 01, 2008

So in love with handmade!!

This is super adorable...and I have two baby girls just this size!!

Popcorn Bloomer and Blouse GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

and this one....would look fantastic on a certain girl who lives for dresses...


Friday, July 25, 2008

Buy old not new...

Mostly I think I will just keep blogging about all the new "hobbies" i keep getting myself into! me means something old, well loved, beautiful, quirky, colorful or memorable.

So yesterday I went "thrifting" to see what i could find. I dont live in town thats particularly "vintagey" but I thought i would give it a go!

I found a pretty totebag (handmade by someone else), a white pyrex bowl (my current collecting obsession) and a quirky mug holder (that says Pretty happy with my finds!

Than i was on etsy...i cant stay away. And found a lovely girl (PonyParty)selling THESE:
Why would I be excited about these? Cause they are my gramas plates!! I bought these and messaged her for more...shes on the hunt for me now!! Oh...and she threw in some GORGEOUS green Pyrex (no i dont know where the obsession came from)! Im so excited to have these lovely treasures...and Rachel was great to work with! need to check out her stuff...i saw stuff i wanted to buy you...if i was rich... HAHAA

So...old stuff is cool...and no i cant do this ALL the time...but I got a little bonus...paid off another bill...and got a tiny treat...yah me!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For the love of sugar...

(previously posted on written by me)
Frosting Shots: Breakfast of Champions?
by AndreaLeigh on July 22, 2008

Much to the chagrin of dentists everywhere I'm sure, cupcake shops around the country have recently started offering shots of frosting to customers--a dollop of frosting in a small paper or plastic cup. "It's kind of the cut-to-the-chase evolution of cupcakes," says Tanya Steel, editor-in-chief of foodie Web site "I can imagine it being at parties. It's a great thing to have at an office party. It provides just a little bite of sweetness and yumminess without going whole hog."

"It's really about developing frosting for the person who can't keep their hand out of the frosting bowl," says [Beverly Hills cupcake shop] Sprinkles' co-founder Candace Nelson. "Some people are so focused on the frosting, they'll walk out with 10 different frostings of all different flavors." Maybe not the perfect replacement for those espresso shots first thing in the morning, but definitely a good way to suss out your favorite frosting flavor without chowing down on a ton of cake (not that I have a problem with that either). Read the full article here.


The only thing i can add to that is ...good thing i dont live NEAR those!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

fabric love...

since I am now in love with quilts...i would love to win a free one...

This one is particularly gorgeous! I thought for awhile that this might be my next hobby but it seems a bit labor intensive for me so for now im going to try to score cool cheap old ones...or new ones being handed out like scrumptious candy!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Are you a reader?

Free Books??

of course im blogging that!!

now if only i could get off this machine and READ them...

they are rather delicious just to look at and own though...

on another post she asks "what is the definition of a READER"

my comment turned into a bit of a mini i decided to post it here...

A reader LOVES books...sometimes in an unhealthy

I connect it to someone that can be talked into reading anything even if its "not their genre"

someone who has stacks (literally) of to be read books...but still wanders into browse

someone who finds it hard to part with even the cheapest paperback...

someone who cannot understand people who "dont read" (seriously...its a foreign concept that i dont know how to process...i dont even know what that would feel like)

someone who always has a bunch of recommends and is willing to hand over their copies to spread the love among friends

someone who has to make a list of what they read...and gets a lot of joy reading make through the list... going to stop now though i could go on and

as you know...i fully own EVERY ONE of these statements....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'll be doing this tommorow!
I will blog about my excellent birthday weekend!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The other side

So far...30 feels just like 29

but i did put on extra moisturizer this morning :)

thank you blogland for all the well wishes...they made me smiley.
thank you IRL friends for phone calls, texts, and you all!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

And so it begins...

Saturday was my first 30th birthday party! (because i believe in celebrating my birthday as many times as possible) I showed up for scrapping and got a little birthday party too...complete with tiara :)

They planned all my favorite foods so we basically ate ALL DAY! Should i list them all? yeah...

Homemade banana bread...still warm (the way i like it) slathered with butter
sausage gravy and cornbread (better than biscuits, trust me)
grilled hamburgers ( i am never eating hamburger anywhere else...GOOD beef)
twice baked potatoes
asparagus ( was perfect)
homemade salsa
ranch dip and veggies
deviled eggs
little smokies wrapped in bacon (haahaahaa...yeah...ALL pork ALL the time)
macaroni salad
swedish EFFIN fish
red licorice
AND birthday cake OF Amy made this scrumptious banana cake with cream cheese frosting...i ate it ALL was so know how you take a little sliver...and then KEEP taking little slivers...over and over and over...haahaaa. seriously one of my new favorite cakes! so full just looking at all of that but it was a GREAT party...thank you BFF's
oh...and the scrapping? SOME of us got like 12 pages done...but NO that was NOT me...haahaa

i miss my hermiston girls...if i could be two places at once that would DEFINITELY be the second!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

going down...

My debts are decreasing at a slow but steady pace! Having just paid one off this month i wanted to do a little recap...

starting last year in Aug I paid off Target, September was Sallie Mae (that one had been around since 1995!!!) November was a doctor bill, February was a dentist bill, March was HSBC credit card, April was Neiman Marcus card, and May was Old Navy card!! Next up...gas card and Macys!

Im not going to depress myself with how many more i have to go!

So...YAY me :)

oh...and since my sisser is coming home to me im NOT going to europe. dave ramsey says i have to pay off bills and then go when i can PAY CASH. hes entirely TOO SENSIBLE sometimes :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Have you met my niece yet?

(shes 6 weeks old now and i JUST figured out how to "steal" pictures from facebook & post them)

~~~~Rebecca Joyce~~~~

(her onesie was homemade by says "My Aunty {hearts} Me alot")

Here she is with Mommy

(isnt my sister RADIANT? seriously...she was born for this!)

Here she is with Daddy

(doesnt she have a CUTE daddy ;) )

...and the best news of all? They are COMING HOME to me this fall!!!!!!! I'm so thrilled I can barely talk about it for fear of crying happy tears! It has been TWO YEARS since I've seen my sister and ALOT longer than that since we spent any REAL TIME together! I miss her sooooo much and i really really cant wait to have hours of snuggle time with miss cutie patootie there!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

its already the 25th!

More picture taking all day!! YAH!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

scrappy slump again...

do i have too much stuff or not enough?

all day scrapping and im still not even done with one...

have i lost it?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

If you were here...

I would go to church with you in the morning and be proud to sit next to you.

I would buy you flowers

I would take you out for steak and eggs and biscuits with lots of gravy

I would make you a mini album with pictures of all your kids and grandkids, so you could cry and hug me.

I would spend more time hugging you.

You were in all of my dreams last night, it made me desperately happy and desperately sad.

Friday, May 02, 2008

the BEST holiday EVER...


im so excited i dont even CARE how many people have made fun of me today!!!

im just so thrilled to hang with my girlies tommorow and play with paper and glue!!!

Im stocked up on cardstock, have pictures uploaded and CUPCAKES ready to go...

tommorow is gonna ROCK!!!

i shall share the goodness on sunday cause i dont plan on being home while its still

oh AND i have a very special piece of artwork on its way too me...from a special artist!!!

and can you believe that i REALLY made the cupcakes?? i KNOW...amylynn didnt believe it either....haaahaaa!!!

todays post is brought to you by WAY TOO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A project I might complete?

Every month, on the 25th, take pictures all day...make an album. First part easy, second part HARD...haahaa

In love with....
  • babies- three new ones in the last two weeks! wow! two of them are far away from me so i'll love on the third one EXTRA
  • google reader - i swear they read my mind!! it tells me when people post to their blog!! seriously...i dont have to check them ALL i just subscribe and bam...there they are! i have a shameful amount in my list...haahaa
  • reading - devouring books again is so so cool!! i might have to fall back in love with the library and forgive them for being JERKS
  • art - i totally want some of other peoples art to hang on my walls!! and ETSY omg...i'll take one of everything
tommorow is FRIDAY...i cant wait! a fun little party after work with my girls, a two year old party on saturday...and maybe some scrappy time <3


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Good bye

I love you grama!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bravely NOT spending money

can budgeting be considered brave?

i know that going to portland for girls weekend with ONLY cash and not even my debit card would be considered brave!! and i came home with 4 dollars...whoohoo

this financial peace thing is HARD. sometimes i feel like im getting the hang of it and sometimes i feel totally overwhelmed. good thing i have friends in the class that are helping me with the hard parts.

getting my money under control will DEFINITELY be the most significant thing i do this year!

My sister turned 28 yesterday...ummm...what?? i was twenty eight not that long ago! what is going on with the world!! i feel like Joey..."we had a deal God" haahaahaa

oh...and shes very very pregnant! lol...i love love love seeing her get as big as a house...shhh...dont tell her i said that! its so cool to see her looking like a mom it makes me smily inside and i cannot WAIT to see my neice!

one more thing....trader joes was everything i imagined and more...i will be sending a shopping list with amylynn whenever she goes

xoxo my girlies!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

girls i heart...alot im sure you have noticed that i have a list of my best girls on the side of the blog now.

i need to clarify that this list is limited to girls who i realize not everyone blogs...and certainly not everyone i love blogs...

so this is dedicated to my "other" ARE my heart...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I cooked!

Apparently i can actually cook if im motivated enough!

Took a couple things out of the freezer, steamed a pot of rice and voila!

Why am I motivated to cook? Ummm...its a BLIZZARD out there. I feel so lucky to be home safe and warm.

These were taken 2 hours ago and it is STILL COMING DOWN!

When I have to be at work at 630 tommorow morning i probably wont feel that lucky...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

More bravery

So...I gave a boy my phone number! Eeek!

I know its ridiculous that it should be this big a deal at my advanced age but it turns out romantically I'm stuck somewhere in early high school. Literally if I could have gotten away with a "check yes if you like me" note I would have gone that route. Instead I have friends that threatened me with bodily harm and all kinds of extreme embarrassment if I didnt JUST DO IT. So i saw him, gave him my number, and then ran away! haaahaa...seriously i thought i was going to puke afterwards or have a heart attack.

are you starting to get why BE BRAVE is going to be something i have to work on for a freakin YEAR?

Im pathetic...but I DID IT!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hump day

working five days a week makes the week REALLY long. but we get new shifts soon and they are 4X10s which im happy about. cross your fingers i get the shift i want!

money is going pretty good right now. im still on top of everything and have a teensy bit of wiggle room so that makes me feel relieved. my finance class is starting next week and i am SUPER excited to buckle down and start saving for europe...

ummm...YES I SAID EUROPE!!! eeekkk...

thats one of my brave going to fly to europe in the fall. my friends that love to travel, also known as the peace corps friends, have been putting this trip together and i never really thought it was possible for me....BUT my sister is having a BABY now so i have a HUGE motivation to BE BRAVE and go for it! eeekkkk...every time i talk about it i get that scared crazy excited upset stomach thing...omg...its really going to happen!!


Sunday, January 06, 2008

New year new word

You know I cant resist a bandwagon to jump on. Usually its an Ali E bandwagon :)

she says choose a word of the year....

my word is BRAVE

I'm tired of being scared to live...I'm going to be BRAVE this year

Lots of exciting scary opportunities have already presented themselves and with my new word to motivate me I'm facing the fear and being BRAVE

heres to the BRAVEST 2008 EVER!!!