Saturday, May 31, 2008

going down...

My debts are decreasing at a slow but steady pace! Having just paid one off this month i wanted to do a little recap...

starting last year in Aug I paid off Target, September was Sallie Mae (that one had been around since 1995!!!) November was a doctor bill, February was a dentist bill, March was HSBC credit card, April was Neiman Marcus card, and May was Old Navy card!! Next up...gas card and Macys!

Im not going to depress myself with how many more i have to go!

So...YAY me :)

oh...and since my sisser is coming home to me im NOT going to europe. dave ramsey says i have to pay off bills and then go when i can PAY CASH. hes entirely TOO SENSIBLE sometimes :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Have you met my niece yet?

(shes 6 weeks old now and i JUST figured out how to "steal" pictures from facebook & post them)

~~~~Rebecca Joyce~~~~

(her onesie was homemade by says "My Aunty {hearts} Me alot")

Here she is with Mommy

(isnt my sister RADIANT? seriously...she was born for this!)

Here she is with Daddy

(doesnt she have a CUTE daddy ;) )

...and the best news of all? They are COMING HOME to me this fall!!!!!!! I'm so thrilled I can barely talk about it for fear of crying happy tears! It has been TWO YEARS since I've seen my sister and ALOT longer than that since we spent any REAL TIME together! I miss her sooooo much and i really really cant wait to have hours of snuggle time with miss cutie patootie there!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

its already the 25th!

More picture taking all day!! YAH!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

scrappy slump again...

do i have too much stuff or not enough?

all day scrapping and im still not even done with one...

have i lost it?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

If you were here...

I would go to church with you in the morning and be proud to sit next to you.

I would buy you flowers

I would take you out for steak and eggs and biscuits with lots of gravy

I would make you a mini album with pictures of all your kids and grandkids, so you could cry and hug me.

I would spend more time hugging you.

You were in all of my dreams last night, it made me desperately happy and desperately sad.

Friday, May 02, 2008

the BEST holiday EVER...


im so excited i dont even CARE how many people have made fun of me today!!!

im just so thrilled to hang with my girlies tommorow and play with paper and glue!!!

Im stocked up on cardstock, have pictures uploaded and CUPCAKES ready to go...

tommorow is gonna ROCK!!!

i shall share the goodness on sunday cause i dont plan on being home while its still

oh AND i have a very special piece of artwork on its way too me...from a special artist!!!

and can you believe that i REALLY made the cupcakes?? i KNOW...amylynn didnt believe it either....haaahaaa!!!

todays post is brought to you by WAY TOO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!