Thursday, January 25, 2007


heehee...yes I make up words!!!

(does anyone read this that DOESNT scrapbook? do I need to define RAK? let me know...)

I was awarded a prize from my online crop this weekend and got a box of scrap goodness from the super cool Kimberly!

a HUGE box full of soooo much yumminess!

Right on top...the coveted Hambly rubons...eeekkk!

a crapload of fun paper...including my favorite 7g's and some kickin AC

7g's cardstock stickers, flowers, funky ribbons, and A WHITE GEL PEN!!!

thanks for the hook up you super sweet lady!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


have i mentioned that art makes my heart happy, satisfied and full?

you must check out the PURE BLISS from this weekend...these girls ROCKED and there is days and days of inspiration in this stuff!!

Scrapgal Idea Gallery * Online Crop

heres my friday stuff:

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Happy thoughts!

I hate the fact that that entry is what people heres a little filler!

im having a super scrappy weekend...will post more later!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bad words

I hate when I say something that doesnt come out right and people are hurt! Im a person who doesnt like to make people mad at me and will often keep my feelings to myself or not share my opinions or avoid confrontation JUST so I can keep people liking me! (I know...bad idea...but I cant stop, and besides thats not what this is about).

So I said something casually and without thought that hurt someone that is dear to me. Weeks ago. I found out about it reading about it on MySpace and of course reading all the comments that people made ABOUT ME without any opportunity to explain or defend. Including a comment from ANOTHER friend that I would not have expected that from. Anyways, the fact that it was aired PUBLICLY without coming to me for explanation or even coming to me for an apology is what is currently making me PEEVED! One of my TOP TEN pet peeves...not knowing when someone is mad at you but EVERYONE else does!

Seriously I feel like Im in junior high. It makes me not want to crawl back into my hole and be antisocial (except for some of you...youre my lifelines)

Thats it...thats all i want to say right now...and YES i will continue to stew and dwell...for a little while!

I also HATE when I waste a WHOLE day on the internet...ugh! I mean, I found pretty stuff, but seriously...SEVEN hours!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

If you could read...

all the blog posts that happen in my head you would certainly find it more entertaining than the ones that actually make it to publication!

I hesitate to set goals because the setting of goals gives you something to work for but it also gives you something to fail at. Unfortunately I am most likely to fall into the failing category. Somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy I'm sure! So this year, for the first time in a long time i didnt even attempt the ritual of goal setting. No lists of the things i want to change. No remaking of the same list every year, lose weight, be smart with money, get out of debt, write more, scrap more, take more pictures, clean my house, eat better, learn to crochet, play piano, speak spanish and cook. I have lots of things i want to accomplish but in my self defeating way I can only see myself failing.

The one resolution I kept last year? Read more...52 books in a year! Im pretty proud of that...

Now for something more inspiring...go this... My Friend Mary by Cathy Z
Someday I will write like this about my mom.

(oh that a goal?)