Sunday, January 27, 2008

I cooked!

Apparently i can actually cook if im motivated enough!

Took a couple things out of the freezer, steamed a pot of rice and voila!

Why am I motivated to cook? Ummm...its a BLIZZARD out there. I feel so lucky to be home safe and warm.

These were taken 2 hours ago and it is STILL COMING DOWN!

When I have to be at work at 630 tommorow morning i probably wont feel that lucky...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

More bravery

So...I gave a boy my phone number! Eeek!

I know its ridiculous that it should be this big a deal at my advanced age but it turns out romantically I'm stuck somewhere in early high school. Literally if I could have gotten away with a "check yes if you like me" note I would have gone that route. Instead I have friends that threatened me with bodily harm and all kinds of extreme embarrassment if I didnt JUST DO IT. So i saw him, gave him my number, and then ran away! haaahaa...seriously i thought i was going to puke afterwards or have a heart attack.

are you starting to get why BE BRAVE is going to be something i have to work on for a freakin YEAR?

Im pathetic...but I DID IT!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hump day

working five days a week makes the week REALLY long. but we get new shifts soon and they are 4X10s which im happy about. cross your fingers i get the shift i want!

money is going pretty good right now. im still on top of everything and have a teensy bit of wiggle room so that makes me feel relieved. my finance class is starting next week and i am SUPER excited to buckle down and start saving for europe...

ummm...YES I SAID EUROPE!!! eeekkk...

thats one of my brave going to fly to europe in the fall. my friends that love to travel, also known as the peace corps friends, have been putting this trip together and i never really thought it was possible for me....BUT my sister is having a BABY now so i have a HUGE motivation to BE BRAVE and go for it! eeekkkk...every time i talk about it i get that scared crazy excited upset stomach thing...omg...its really going to happen!!


Sunday, January 06, 2008

New year new word

You know I cant resist a bandwagon to jump on. Usually its an Ali E bandwagon :)

she says choose a word of the year....

my word is BRAVE

I'm tired of being scared to live...I'm going to be BRAVE this year

Lots of exciting scary opportunities have already presented themselves and with my new word to motivate me I'm facing the fear and being BRAVE

heres to the BRAVEST 2008 EVER!!!