Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Creative envy

I feel like I soak up everyone elses creativity from scrapbook pages or blogs or books but than I feel so intimidated when I try to get my own voice onto paper. I rarely journal on my pages I update this thing way less than I should and I just now started journaling again (3 days and counting...) Being the self analytical person that I am I have to discover why I envy what others write in their blog They inspire me or strike a chord in my soul but I cannot be as funny or as deep or as clever so I dont want to put myself out there. What is holding me back and why? I want so many things and I know that I am the one standing in my own way but I dont know how to get out of the way.


wendy said...

oh Carrie, we are all our own worst critic. It takes a lot to realize that who we each are is wonderful and that if you spend your life comparing that to anyone else, you are only short-changing yourself and the amazing gifts and talents that you have. Maybe you're not Robin Williams or Elizabeth Browning, but you ARE Carrie, and that is WONDERFUL.

Believe me when I say I've read some pretty awful writing from some people who think they are All That and More, and you are NOT them. I've missed your posts. Keep at them. Don't be intimidated by others, be Confident in You.

We'll love you no matter what. You know that!

Lisa said...

Carrie your honesty and kindess and genuiness of spirit resonate from everything single thing you post, type and create.

I'm with Wendy, don't second guess yourself or your gifts.....they are precious!