Wednesday, November 29, 2006


what does one post after a very long absence and many life changes?

Lets vote! (ha, as if anyone is still reading this...)

Should we play catch up on the last 6 months or start in the here and now?

Or i could do the fashionable thing and scrap it all and start over.

Choices...cause I'm oh so good at making them.


Lisa said...

Holey guacamoley...she POSTS!!!

Seriously....I haven't checked in over a month or maybe more.

And today...I check and post, new look!

So how are ya chickie? Miss you tons!

Amylynn said...

Holy Guacomole!!! (not the expensive El Cazador kind) I love the new look, it rocks, and you know I loooove brown.

Stacy Cartwright said...

So cool that you are back in the blogging game. So I say you start now. Take some photos of your current layout and up load them to your blog. See ya next weekend.