Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bravely NOT spending money

can budgeting be considered brave?

i know that going to portland for girls weekend with ONLY cash and not even my debit card would be considered brave!! and i came home with 4 dollars...whoohoo

this financial peace thing is HARD. sometimes i feel like im getting the hang of it and sometimes i feel totally overwhelmed. good thing i have friends in the class that are helping me with the hard parts.

getting my money under control will DEFINITELY be the most significant thing i do this year!

My sister turned 28 yesterday...ummm...what?? i was twenty eight not that long ago! what is going on with the world!! i feel like Joey..."we had a deal God" haahaahaa

oh...and shes very very pregnant! lol...i love love love seeing her get as big as a house...shhh...dont tell her i said that! its so cool to see her looking like a mom it makes me smily inside and i cannot WAIT to see my neice!

one more thing....trader joes was everything i imagined and more...i will be sending a shopping list with amylynn whenever she goes

xoxo my girlies!


Amy said...

I am so glad that you loved Trader Joes.
I love what you have done to your blog too. Its the best!

Kristie said...

yes, sometimes the bravest thing is to NOT spend the money!:)

you will love Financial Peace. It has seriously changed our families whole financial outlook! We are still on Baby step 2 but the snowball is rollin' along...only three debt remaining!:)

glad you had an awesome time with the girls in Portland. Little jealous to be honest!;)

Lisa said...

Yay for you girlie! There is so much peace about taking control of ANY aspect of your personal life. Kudos to you my friend!

and can I just share my unending love for TJ...that place just makes me smile the miinute I walk through the dooR!

Nicole said...

WooooHooooooo for you. I am so impressed!!!

melanie said...

budgeting is the bravest. we went all cash a few years ago and it is amazing how quickly you can save when you learn how NOT to spend. :)
and what an awesome goal you have - europe!