Thursday, April 24, 2008

A project I might complete?

Every month, on the 25th, take pictures all day...make an album. First part easy, second part HARD...haahaa

In love with....
  • babies- three new ones in the last two weeks! wow! two of them are far away from me so i'll love on the third one EXTRA
  • google reader - i swear they read my mind!! it tells me when people post to their blog!! seriously...i dont have to check them ALL i just subscribe and bam...there they are! i have a shameful amount in my list...haahaa
  • reading - devouring books again is so so cool!! i might have to fall back in love with the library and forgive them for being JERKS
  • art - i totally want some of other peoples art to hang on my walls!! and ETSY omg...i'll take one of everything
tommorow is FRIDAY...i cant wait! a fun little party after work with my girls, a two year old party on saturday...and maybe some scrappy time <3



Stacy Cartwright said...

So happy to see you posted I have been checking up on you.

Thanks for your comment on my last post your a great bff!!

Looking for forward to cropping next saturday and making a sonic run lol hehehehe!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend.

Kristie said...

have a GREAT weekend!!

Anonymous said...

What girls? I wasn't invited.


Amy said...

The "other" girls that she hearts. Remember we aren't her only friends, sheesh!!

OMG I love this blog post.

And you didn't even TELL me that you did it.

Kimberly said...

okay, first? so so so sorry to hear about your grandma. i had no idea! second, been wondering where in the hell you've been! i can say a bad word here....right? third, check your pm's. i sent you my email addy. email me.

melanie said...

the blog looks fab. you are not messing around! this brave thing suits you. :)