Sunday, May 11, 2008

If you were here...

I would go to church with you in the morning and be proud to sit next to you.

I would buy you flowers

I would take you out for steak and eggs and biscuits with lots of gravy

I would make you a mini album with pictures of all your kids and grandkids, so you could cry and hug me.

I would spend more time hugging you.

You were in all of my dreams last night, it made me desperately happy and desperately sad.


Anonymous said...

Oh Carrie, Thinking of you today. I love you!


Amy said...

Oh yay, I remember when you made this. Its one of my very favorites.

This is very sweet. Thinking of you.

Stacy Cartwright said...

thinking of you :(

thiggins1978 said...

That poem is beautiful

april said...

Aww sweetie, sorry I didn't read this until today. Love you tons and wish I could make just one of those wishes come true.

Lisa said...

Oh sweetie...(((HUGS)))

You know she was one very lucky lady to have you in her life.