Saturday, February 26, 2011

Her smiles...

LOAD Day 26, originally uploaded by carrie.knabe.

they really do light up my day.

She says...aunt come play with me? and grabs my hand.

Then she asks...please may i have some chapstick? whats an auntie to do except give her whatever she wants.

Then I leave and she says Thank you for coming to see me. I say I love you and she says...Love Ya!

For me...this layout captures all of that.


april said...

How perfect! And SO SO SO sweet! I wish you could have put the description from the blog on the page. I know the page is for you so you don't need it, but what you said was just so perfect. :)

Christi said...

I agree with April. Print out this blog post and tack it to the back of the layout because it's such a cute capture of your relationship.