Tuesday, November 08, 2005

So much and so little

Do you ever feel like you have a million things going on but nothing significant to "report"...LOL Thats me...all the time! Work is getting more stressful...we fired the other receptionist so its just me now. Doing her work and my work is overwhelming to say the least. And this past weekend I was on call for the phones. It wasnt as bad as I suspected but having the phone ring every hour all night long does not make for a restful night!

Scrapping did get done this weekend! Coming off a dry spell and the pages are feeling a little forced but Im trying at least...LOL Of course there is one sitting on my table that I have worked on for FOUR days now...totally started over twice...argh! Ive decided that I am never again going to pack EVERYTHING i own for a crop...it takes too long to unpack!

Money stuff is getting a little better. I have a few more hours at work and some opportunities for bonus money, plus Im gonna hit my boss up for a raise so we'll see what happens.

Somewhere in my head is rattling a long blog entry about the holidays but Im not ready to devote my energy to it yet. Is that weird? The act of writing takes emotional energy... For now, the short version is Im dreading them!


Lisa said...

Do not dread the holidays fair princess...we your loyal scrappy pals will be here to listen and offer support in the form of chocolate and retail therapy. (((HUGS))

rhonda said...

hey........forget Christmas.......and think about APRIL!!!!