Tuesday, December 13, 2005


No not me...my weekend. It was so insane that it continued into Monday, LOL! It was made even crazier by the fact that I had NO CAR! My faithful chica died on me on Friday and the shop was closed till Monday....argh! I am the girl that LUVS her car, cant do without it, and would rather die than walk...haha! Thank goodness I have LOTS of friends that love me and who own cars that WORK!


  • Worked all day

  • Went to a couples party....even though I was single but it was still fun....ate GREAT food
  • Stayed up late and made a scrappy book cover.


  • Worked

  • Went to a Tastefully Simple Open house

  • Visited Mistee who is HUGELY pregnant...poor girl! She was supposed to be induced yesterday...I need to call and find out if we have a baby yet...LOL

  • Got a call that Grama was back in the ER (second time in a week)....she fell at the nursing home. I hate those places...it makes me sad that people have to live there but sometimes there isnt another choice. I stayed with her while they xrayed and stitched her up. Other than lots of bruises, a sprained arm, and a nasty deep cut shes ok.

  • Went home and organized scrappy stuff. Sometimes its almost more fun to just sort and touch everything...makes me HAPPY!


  • Church. I had nursery so I got to love on all the babies!!

  • Lunch out with friends
  • Visited Jeri (see HERE for pics)
  • More church
  • Decorated Amy's tree with her and Jason than we turned out all the lights expect the tree lights and listened to Christmas music. LOVED it! My absolute most favorite part of christmas. Made me happy and sad at the same time...here comes the roller coaster...but Im still glad that I participated!

On Monday, I spent $900 to get my car back! I love my car but that almost made me puke to spend that much money. And all of you that know me know that I definitely do NOT have 900 laying around! So a loan from the boss was requested and given but it still sucked to have to ask and now my paychecks will be dinky again! So that sealed the deal about whether or not I can go to Alabama and it was a big fat NO WAY....sobbing....sorry Rhonda!!

Wendy, Im beginning to think that I have TOO MUCH to write about it not too little....haahaa! Maybe I'll copy Heather and post 6 times a day *wink wink*


Lisa said...

900 for a car? At Christmas? That does bite. Sorry chica....sending lots of positive car energy your way. LOVE seeing you post more..by the by!

wendy said...

wow, girl! That's a full weekend! And an expenisive one! OUCH! Too much to write about it always better than thinking you have nothing!!! Get to it!