Friday, January 06, 2006


So I have this thing about smells. Im sensitive to them...especially BAD ones!

*rotting food smell
*musty damp smell
*cat pee

But this rant has a point...I have stinky coworkers! Especially irritating today...
One is a smoker and an old man and its DISGUSTING...for real...I cant breathe sometimes.
And the other girl...I like her but she has this lotion that smells so sickeningly sweet that I wanna hurl when she puts it on! How do you tell someone that...ugh!


Traci V. said...

I am terrible with smells. I never confront the people - I just try to move. I've had to get up in church and move to another seat for BO, too much perfume, and moth balls. It was even worse when I was pregnant!

wendy said...

you are to smells that way I am to sounds! LOL....scraping your fork on your teeth, that funny gak-gak-gak-ing sound guys make when they clear the back of their throat, something buzzing in your car because it's vibrating funny...the little pop-pop-pop sounds that come from an open can of soda.... :) Good thing I'm pretty immune to smells or I'd be in big trouble! Everyone would drive me insane! LOL

Nancy said...

Oh it's so much worse when you're pregnant! My adivce? Give 'em all some bath and body works of your choice. If it all works out they'l get a present, you'll look great and they'll smell even better!

rhonda said... does get worse when you are pg...a lot worse!

I can't stand cig smoke either...especially when someone reaks with the smell.

thank goodness I have an office to myself...and don't have to smell anyone but me!

Jessica said...

So I'm not the only one!! I made a pact with Brasten in regards to housekeeping. There are three things I don't want to handle:

1) the cat box
2) the garbage
3) dirty dishes

Every thing else, I can handle (or ask for help, if needed). And it all comes down to smells!!

BTW - I finally updated my blog. So there!

Lisa said...

OMG...the stinky smoker co-worker scenario!!!

I must remember to post about this tomorrow.

In the meantime might I suggest spraying a lovely Yankee Candle (Eucalyptus) or Thymes Unlimited (Lavendar & Rosemary) air freshner in their general direction???