Monday, March 27, 2006


Had a really great time with some of my best friends this weekend. Mike and Gina are my peace corp friends. They have been in Belize for nine months now and I have missed them soooooo much. They came home for a week to do some family stuff and Im trying to spend every minute I can with them. Our time was filled with LOTS of laughs and food and card games and pictures and memories. Really really nice! We didnt want it to end... Stayed up till 5am on Friday night and 4am Sunday night...LOL I am too old to be doing that much!! They leave on Tuesday and I will be soooo sad again!

Got laundry done and about 4 pages scrapped...thats all the productive stuff I did though!


Jenn :) said...

sounds like you are blessed with some awesome friends!! And pssst...I'm FINALLY sending you a package today...please do not have a heart attack. ;)

Amber said...

love me some card games! :o) i haven't played any in ages...i might have to now! lol