Friday, April 07, 2006

Happy List

Look Lisa....I'm actually DOING your challenge!!

Five things that make me SUPER happy!

It's FRIDAY!! How can you not be in love with that!!! And it's my early friday so I am out of here in a mere 5 hours!!

It's SPRING!! I swear I have that seasonal disorder thing cause as soon as it gets sunny again I become a different person!! I sing while I drive, I clean sometimes, I open my windows, I sit outside....I **HEART** spring

I'm SCRAPPING tomorrow!! And I have a bunch of pages preplanned so I might even be productive! I'm taking a handwriting class too! I like my handwriting but I am looking forward to learning some different lettering styles that are so popular right now!

My ART!! I'm in one of those creative times where the ideas flow and flow and I CANNOT stop them....And I'm actually getting some fantastic layouts done! And my photos are sucking less...Very cool!!

GIRLS WEEKEND is at the end of the month! Scrapping away the weekend in a mountain cabin....So....Much...Fun.....

Hope everyone has a super fantastic gloriously SUNNY weekend!!


Corrie said...

Great happy list! Lisa got me motivated too, it's nice to focus on the positive!

Lisa said...

WOOT WOOT look at you, you're a bloggy goddess!!!

Love, love your list. It just put a smile on my face reading it!!