Monday, May 08, 2006


Don't you just hate it when all the balls that you juggle in life come crashing down around you and explode ALL OVER ?

thats me...yesterday and sucks

its a shame cause friday and saturday were great...5 more LO's done.

but wallowing

just for the record...i will NOT be celebrating a holiday on sunday. although i appreciate those that have volunteered to be my "mom" I dont want someone elses mom i just want mine


Jenny said...

uh-oh. Having a bad day, I see. Bad day at work? Or just the impending holiday... I'm thinking about you. Hope you had lots of fun at Daisy Bucket on Sat. Can't wait to see your LOs. Jenny

Lisa said...


Of course you do.

And it's awful nice that you have people in you life who love you enough to make the offer.

Mandy said...
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wendy said...

what lisa said.

And also:
firefly. firefly, my girl.

the book is by Jan Karon and is called "At Home in Mitford" and is the first in a series of six, I believe. Really quaint, fun, light, but heavy read, if you know what I mean? Fictional story of a preacher in a small town. You should read it. It's a great way to escape.

Cindy said...

Big Hugs Carrie! I hope your week is going better!

Nancy said...

TCarrie, give yourself credit. THe first yera is the absolute hardest, and all of us know, no one can replace your Mom. Hugs!