Saturday, January 06, 2007

If you could read...

all the blog posts that happen in my head you would certainly find it more entertaining than the ones that actually make it to publication!

I hesitate to set goals because the setting of goals gives you something to work for but it also gives you something to fail at. Unfortunately I am most likely to fall into the failing category. Somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy I'm sure! So this year, for the first time in a long time i didnt even attempt the ritual of goal setting. No lists of the things i want to change. No remaking of the same list every year, lose weight, be smart with money, get out of debt, write more, scrap more, take more pictures, clean my house, eat better, learn to crochet, play piano, speak spanish and cook. I have lots of things i want to accomplish but in my self defeating way I can only see myself failing.

The one resolution I kept last year? Read more...52 books in a year! Im pretty proud of that...

Now for something more inspiring...go this... My Friend Mary by Cathy Z
Someday I will write like this about my mom.

(oh that a goal?)


Jennifer said...

You're so funny. I love your non-making goal year. I think you will be able to do it!!!

Kristie said...

I hear you Carrie! I think even for those of us who made goals this year we still have that fear of failing! And I'm sure when the time arrives for you to write about your mom you will not only find the words but the time to fully express your feelings about her. Until that day your words will be in your heart and that's the most important place for them to be.

Corinna said...

HOLY Smokes! 52 books!!! that is most certainly something to be proud of, that rOcks!

I don't make resolutions either... feel the same way about "failing" ... I have however started to set small goal... you know short term things that I know I can actually achieve. I figure if I start small, one day I will be ready for the big things.
Great entry.... but now you need an update! hee hee