Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bad words

I hate when I say something that doesnt come out right and people are hurt! Im a person who doesnt like to make people mad at me and will often keep my feelings to myself or not share my opinions or avoid confrontation JUST so I can keep people liking me! (I know...bad idea...but I cant stop, and besides thats not what this is about).

So I said something casually and without thought that hurt someone that is dear to me. Weeks ago. I found out about it reading about it on MySpace and of course reading all the comments that people made ABOUT ME without any opportunity to explain or defend. Including a comment from ANOTHER friend that I would not have expected that from. Anyways, the fact that it was aired PUBLICLY without coming to me for explanation or even coming to me for an apology is what is currently making me PEEVED! One of my TOP TEN pet peeves...not knowing when someone is mad at you but EVERYONE else does!

Seriously I feel like Im in junior high. It makes me not want to crawl back into my hole and be antisocial (except for some of you...youre my lifelines)

Thats it...thats all i want to say right now...and YES i will continue to stew and dwell...for a little while!

I also HATE when I waste a WHOLE day on the internet...ugh! I mean, I found pretty stuff, but seriously...SEVEN hours!


Corinna said...

Carrie, sorry to hear of the misunderstanding that you are involved in. This person, that is a friend... "if" she is a "friend" and I use that term lightly... as it can be defined so many different ways... she should have come to you first to express her hurt... And really if you said something that hurt her, and your intent wasn't to hurt then... all it would have taken was for her to have said somehting to you... it truly is a sad thing that she put it out there for you to be put up on a chopping blog.
The only advise I can offer, not that you asked for it... I would say pray and remember in the big scheme of things... it matters not what this person or "they" think of you... especialy if they are all to ready to fry you up in a pan! Try and detatch yourself from what you think they think of you, focus on the ones that do love you, your family and friends that you know well and can trust.
Hugs to you...

Corinna said...

ok, I left a long comment??? but can't see it? where did it go?

Jennifer said...

I am so sorry this has happened to you. That other person should have said something to you if not right after it was said at least soon afterwards...even a couple of days. It is hard to do, but try not to dwell on it too much. I know you want to keep this relationship since that is the type of person you are so talk to the person and let her know that the way it was handled was wrong, and try to make it right.

Good luck with it.

April said...

Well, I just posted a comment on her blog to stand up for you (and me since I agreed with you that night) but I'm waiting for it to be "approved". Apparently she has APPROVED all of the comments that are on there. Nice huh?

Anyway, you know I love ya babe and I think you should just call her and talk to her. Tell her how it made you feel to have her post that.

Nicole said...

Carrie - that totally stinks! But please don't let this make you antisocial, cus then I would really NEVER see you, and that would be sad!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear I'm sorry we all love you over at PI!!!!!
nicole irvin xoxo