Thursday, April 05, 2007


While I was procrastinating on doing my taxes, I did this:

I think it was time well spent! This was a "scrapjack" of Karla her stuff...lots of clean lines and little bits of stuff...right up my alley!

While in portland for the CKC, amy, stacy and me took tons of fun pictures...cant wait to scrap more!


Corinna said...

C U T E layout!!!
I think I will be scraplifting that!

and yeah... I think avoiding your taxes and getting this rockin layout was totally worth it... besides... you can always file an extention. (wink wink)


Stacy Cartwright said...

I love this layout of me, you did a great job. Thanks Carrie!!

Lisa said...

This just makes me HAPPY! Veddy, veddy nice!

Corinna said...

come on. time to update. it has been how long girl friend. i keep clickin' on and even thought i LOVE your page... i wanna see something new. hello!