Thursday, April 05, 2007

To my readers...

LOL...i dont think there are any left.

im a horribly neglectful person...I guess its a good thing i dont have kids! ha

so i was supposed to have my wisdom teeth out yesterday...and didnt

i got a ticket for no seatbelt and not having updated tabs on my car...

i need new tires...apparently if you can see the wire stuff showing thru thats bad (whoops...)

two good friends just lost babies...heart breaking stuff...

all my babies are getting so big...another one year birthday party on saturday

tons of scrappy ideas in my head...until i sit down to actually do something

work is hard but shift 545 AM to 445 pm....its not fun to wake up in the all!

anyone ever watched Ultimate Fighting Championship? its strangely hypnotic watching boys try to kill each other...mostly i just go for the food...amylynn rocks!

im eating a cadbury cream moms favorite!

so... happy easter my girlies...

love ya!

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Corinna said...

OK! she is BACK! right ON!!!

Welcome back to the world of bloggin!