Sunday, January 20, 2008

More bravery

So...I gave a boy my phone number! Eeek!

I know its ridiculous that it should be this big a deal at my advanced age but it turns out romantically I'm stuck somewhere in early high school. Literally if I could have gotten away with a "check yes if you like me" note I would have gone that route. Instead I have friends that threatened me with bodily harm and all kinds of extreme embarrassment if I didnt JUST DO IT. So i saw him, gave him my number, and then ran away! haaahaa...seriously i thought i was going to puke afterwards or have a heart attack.

are you starting to get why BE BRAVE is going to be something i have to work on for a freakin YEAR?

Im pathetic...but I DID IT!!!


Amy said...

You are awesome.
Next step: Brave the MAX and the portland city bus, and the saturday market, and the bums.
You can do it.

Stacy Cartwright said...

love the new look of your blog carrie. YES!! this was very BRAVE of you to make the first move. Way to go GIRL!!

Does he LOVE olives????? :) :)

Anonymous said...

You did it. Oh my, what happened, what was the whole story, I have to know.

Lisa said...

Look...look you posted!!!

Look...look you gave a boy your number!!!

(clapping hands in glee)

Kristie said...

good for you! I hope he is a nice boy! If he's mean to you I will have to hurt him!

Lynette said...

Yahoo!!!! You are BRAVE!!! And I am soooo proud of you!!! You rock girl!!!!

cassandra said...
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cassandra said...

I love the new look too. Joining you on your qwest for bravery. I finally started a new personal blog. Hoping to stay in touch with friends more this year.
Keep being {BRAVE} you can do it!

thiggins1978 said...

Congrats girl! Did he call ya?

Crazy Daisy said...

Congrats on making the first move, and sticking with your brave theme! Very cool!