Thursday, September 22, 2005


Ever have those days where you get so much done that you just dont want to go back to work? LOL...I got alot of stuff done yesterday and it felt nice to have my head in a good space. Not feeling so overwhelmed! Got all of my bills figured out...good news, I can pay them and even buy gas every week...LOL Bad news, ummm...thats ALL I can do! So, October is NO BUY month again...this time I'm not even buying groceries (friends who are close better invite me to dinner so I don't starve!) Worked on putting more crap away at the apt. You can sorta walk around now. Hung out with my brother, always a good time, and I got to take a NAP (my favorite).

Todays Tidbits:
  • Organizing your stickers and rub ons is NOT making your apartment cleaner.
  • Allstate sucks!
  • An hour with a friend and a cup of tea can improve your whole week.


rhonda said...

Naps are always good!!
And hey...when you get everything neat and put away....I'll send you a plane ticket to come to Alabama and get my stuff in order! lol

Amy said...

Didn't you know that rearranging and organizing your scrapbook supplies is still considered doing 'housework'.;)