Monday, September 26, 2005

I seem to use this blog for surface stuff. Why? Cause I dont want to breach the dam that is holding back all the deep important stuff! Lea has challenged us to write about deep important stuff and darn her shes coming up with great topics....but I just cant. Hello, my childhood...well thats not a can of worms or anything and rejection....lord I could talk about that FOREVER! So for now im going to stay at the surface and be silly and witty and envious of heather and wendy who tackle the hard stuff.

Ive been tagged by like 2 people now but I will have to put some thought into those answers so be patient.

Todays tidbits:
  • There are no less than NINE pregnant women currently in my life! Sheesh...good thing I like babies (sort of...the ones that arent mine)
  • Budgets suck and so do men (right now anyways)
  • My best friend is having a BOY....and Im totally thrilled to do boy pages!
  • I miss my mom.


rhonda said...

oh Carrie.........I know you must really miss your mom. Hang in there!!!!!!!

and yes.....we are patiently awaiting your answers!!!

and about guys....just remember....a dh....means freakin in-laws!!! (ok read my blog for the day!)

Lisa said...

I wish I was there just to give you a big ole HUG, lots of chocolate and an ear to listen....I'm REALLY good at listening.



(} ear

wendy said...

I think that was deep enough, Carrie. No one said surface stuff doesn't still reach to the core of who you are. Take everything a step at a time. If you need us, you know we'll be here for you!

Heather said...

I just want to "ditto" Wendy. You write what you write, Carrie. That's the beauty of a blog. It's like a no-stress writing environment. Those checking it out love you regardless of what you write.

Besides - your list - that's deep. It's honest. It's real.

As long as you feel that you're tackling the "deep stuff" in other ways in your life, all is well. Who cares if you put it in here or not?

Hugs, dear.

Carrie K said...

Can I comment on my own blog? Whats the protocol...LOL

I just couldnt let it go unsaid that I deeply appreciate all of you. Your understanding and comfort are so touching that I am often overwhelmed (in a good way). Thank you