Monday, September 19, 2005

Football rocks...

So I totally swore I would not be one of those people that NEVER updates their blog...hiding my head in shame. Sorry!

Anyways, I have had a roller coaster of a month so far! I'll try to recap. Got a DT position at my LSS, got a budget (Im totally poor...for real), been winning my fantasy football league, my best guy friend got a girlfriend, work is still sometimes fun sometimes hell, been alot flirty lately, STILL have not unpacked, reconnected with my brother that I have never been close with, scrapped alot of pages, had down days and up days. Thats my life in one big run on sentance...Ive always been a fan of those ;)

I'll leave you with a tidbit or two:
  • Dont ever ask the bounty hunters at work to TAZE you. It DOES hurt and WILL leave a mark!
  • Dallas Cowboys are NOT Americas team anymore. Whoohoo!
  • Its hard to make new friends but if youre not open to it you'll stay the same forever! y'all!


Anonymous said...

CRAZY CARRIE! You sometimes have to try new things, you know? Well I don't exactly mean getting TAZED.
But when you try new things and it gives you adrenaline rush you'll realize how fun it is and by trying new things I don't mean illegal or dangerous things okay!!
Anyway... We have to go out sometime so you can meet a really nice guy and go out with him, then you can tell me all about. Well girly..take care and I'll talk to you here (at work).

Rhonda said...

Hey princessCarrie!!!!!
Yes....your life has definately been a whirlwind later.....hope things will slow down....and you can have some normalcy once again.
It's hump 2 more days til the weekend!!!

Amy said...

(((Hugs)) to you, sweet Carrie. I've missed ya...and you really need to update more often. ;)

p.s. I a lover of run-on sentences myself.

Cindy (asunflowernut) said...

Carrie..hang in there...I'm so glad to see you again and you are in my thoughts often.


rhonda said...

yeah you are on a DT!!!!!!!!