Friday, February 24, 2006

Baby Smell

Had some cuddle time with Alec Wednesday night. I adore newborns...mostly for what they give me cause im certainly helpless to give them anything. Hes so soft and fragile. he has beautiful eyes and long skinny wrinkly old man fingers. he has absurdly long toes and a huge mouth. he has a muffled breathy cry and loves to suck on his hands. when he lays on you his butt sticks up and he fits perfectly under my chin in the crook of my shoulder. he sighs in his sleep and twitches sometimes. he fills me with joy and hope and unspeakable longing. he is the most amazing miracle and I am in love


Nancy said...

There is something so comforting in holding and snuggling with a newborn. There untouched and innocent, as thought he big wide world hasn't spoiled them yet. Enjoy every precious amazing day. He's beautiful

rhonda said...

I wish my 2 were babies again!
I miss that smell; how they sleep with their butts in the lotion..and poopy diapers!

Lisa said...

Oh sweetie, someday I pray your joy will be infinitely multiplied.

Because if ever there was a woman who deserved to be loved and cherished and to share that love as a mom, it's you.

Cindy said...

He is JUST PRECIOUS! There is just nothing like holding a new born! Words can't describe it! Enjoy and that is a great picture of you two!

Mandy said...

What a precious little babe! I love your's wonderful! Thanks for sharing!