Thursday, February 09, 2006

Olympics fever starts tommorow!!!!!!!!!!

I totally get goosebumps whenever the commercials come on! I'm a dork I know! I don't even know why it does this too me...Im not really a sports freak or anything and Im definitely not into competition. I think that for me its all about the back story! Finding out a little snippet of their lives and how hard they work for such a single minded goal. Its a little bit inspiring and alot goosebumpy. Oh and I cry LOTS...

Than there is the patriotism angle. Its neat to watch my country excel at so many things and watch our medal count climb. I know we always get lots of bad press for being dominating and superior but im going to be UN-pc and say....darn skippy yes we are!!!!!!

Why do you watch?


amy said...

I totally love the olympics...I watch for all the same reasons you do...and because I'm simply in awe of these athletes...probably because I can hardly walk down a sidewalk without tripping...especially when it's destined to embarrass at a scrapbook convention. *giggling*

So glad you do it more often. ;) Luv ya!

wendy said...

Hear Hear! What amy said! MORE! YOUR PUBLIC DEMANDS MORE!

*sorry, got carried away -- it was the JOY of reading something you wrote*

I watch because what's not to love (except Bob Costas, but I've already covered that in my blog)?

I love the ability to root on the underdog, to cheer when someone does great, to stand up proud for my country, and to see that yes, we all can get along (mostly) for a few weeks every few years. It's the good sportsmanship that gets me.... I love it.

Nancy said...

I've got to tape it, 'cause I'l be out, but I am super excited. Let the games begin!