Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Crying, skating, the announcement...

Im eating ice cream for breakfast. Its the perfect way to start the day!

Watched the pairs figure skating last night. So beautiful it made me cry. I cant really tell you why, maybe the combination of the music and the people and the amazing artistry. Art is so many things but most important is that it touches someone. The art of those blades on ice, the bodies in constant motion, the twirling and spinning, the elaborate colorful sparkly costumes touched me last night and the tears fell. Than I watched those gutsy women kick some patootie on their boards and that was fun and exhilirating. So cool to see their passion!

Olympic commentators are the BANE of my existence....I detest them IMMENSELY....STOP RUINING THE BEAUTY! Talk later...I dont want the back story DURING the performance...let me enjoy it without WARNING me of the triple sow cow (yeah...no idea on that spelling) thats coming....argh.....i wanted to KILL them last night.


THEY GOT ENGAGED!!! My sister Cathi is getting MARRIED!!!
Heres the story in her own words:
Today is the two-year anniversary of my first meeting with Davy Costa. He sent me the sweetest text message: (translated) it says "Two years ago a beautiful blue-eyed princess arrived in Portugal. On this day she conquered forever the heart of a carpenter. I love you very much!" Tonight he came and surprised me at my house. (I thought he was at the men's meeting at church.) He brought me a "Happy Anniversary" card. He asked if I could go outside in the cold with him for a bit. (It is a school night, and a bit chilly here.) I said sure. We went to "our" park and he gave me a long-stemmed red rose. Then he asked if I remembered when we talked about how guys propose in the states. I said yes. (I had told him they get down on one knee and he thought it was funny.) Then, (we're still sitting side by side on the bench) he gave me a small (ring-sized) box. Since he just sat there and let me open it I didn't think anything of it. However, when I saw the diamond ring he pulled me to my feet and got down on one knee. He said, "Casas-te comigo?" which means, will you marry me? I said Yes! Just wanted to let you all know:
Love, Cathi J.
PS. We're planning to marry next Christmas in Brazil. I hope to have a reception in the States, but of course you're all invited to the wedding

Of course Im totally thrilled for them and of course Im going to brazil for the wedding! Anybody want to guess how much plane tickets are? LOL

More important news: I applied for a new job, had my assessment test yesterday and have an interview TODAY! Ack!! Im nervous but I really think this is the right job for me so Im trying to calm down about it! If you think of me today say a prayer!


amy said...

Thanks for spilling the beans to me a few days early...what a sweet story about the proposal!!

And good luck on your interview. I'll say a prayer...and be sure to let me know how it goes!


rhonda said...

congrats to your sister! how exciting!!!

and GOOD LUCK with the interview and prospective new job...keep us posted!

April said...

How sweet! Please tell Cathy congratulations for me.

I hope you did well on your interview, I know how nerve- racking that can be.

Hugs hun!

(oh and hey! where's my link you said you were going to put up?)

Christi said...

Congratulations!!!!!! That's a sweet story. Good luck on the interview. Fingers crossed for you.

Lisa said...

Holey camoley girl



I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and I totally agree with your assessment on the analysis.

It's not like football where you can mute it.

The music is an INTEGRAL part of the performance.......gggggrrrrrrr!

Nancy said...

On the Olympics. You and me both girl. I just wish Dick Button would Button his mouth. Does he drive you as insane?

WOot! Woot! to your sis. That's huge and fun news.